Hiring Defense Lawyers For Your Plaintiff’s Firm

interviewing defense lawyer

There are some people on the defense side who want to switch to being a plaintiff’s lawyer because they think it’s an easy way to make money.

If you’re looking to hire an attorney for your law firm, this is a major red flag. You want to avoid these people at all costs.

That’s why one of the first questions we ask applicants from defense firms is why they want to be a plaintiff’s lawyer. If it has anything to do with money, they’re out.

Can you do well financially being a plaintiff’s lawyer? Absolutely.

But do you want to surround yourself with people who have that as their primary motivation? I don’t.

People who have financial gain as their primary motivator will never be happy. They’ll never truly “get” what it means to be a plaintiff’s lawyer and represent people who have suffered a tremendous loss. They’ll be more likely to cut corners for monetary gain. They won’t be able to be the best advocate possible for their clients.

Here’s what we look for instead: people who want to help people.

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About the Author

Darl Champion is an award-winning personal injury lawyer serving the greater Metro Atlanta area. He is passionate about ensuring his clients are fully compensated when they are harmed by someone’s negligence. Learn more about Darl here.